i’m so depressed today

(Source: Spotify)

(Source: Spotify)

Models dancing at this stella mccartney party. Liv tyler is here….. other models (at Elizabeth Street Garden)

Valentino Ricci of Sciamat harangues Jeremy Hackett for hiding beneath his Anglo-shoulder pads.

Via The Journal of Style.

Making the pilgrimage to visit the Duke of Windsor’s clothes

Duke of Windsor’s pattern pieces

Fred Astaire’s shoes


Caine’s Coat.

Michael Caine’s waxed cotton Aquascutum trench coat that he wore in 1971’s Get Carter, one of two, this one being the one for fight scenes.

J. Press’ hollowed out corpse (at J Press)

Full house at Gauthier Gallery last night — thanks to everyone who made it out!!

Introducing Mark. Really appreciate everyone who made it out last night to support art in New York

Thanks to Mark Oberhoff for skyping in for Blueologies even though he was stuck at Flughaffe Wein Intl.!!!!!

Last day of the trade show.

Two espressos in separate cups.