Jack Lord as Felix Leiter in beige tropical wool via — The Suits of James Bond.


The Polo Collar And Knit Tie Crowd.

Jake Lemmon and Billy Wilder.

The Big Knife (1955). Beverly Hills lifestyle.


Bow Tie, Patch Pockets, And Pennies.

Humphrey Bogart, with Lauren Bacall.

r. mitchum, friends of eddie coyle era

peter bogdanovich directs

Alain Delon wears an olive 3 roll 2 suit and sharp sunglasses in The Swimming Pool.

James Bond in pink gingham and sharp sunglasses via The Suits of James Bond.

Clark Gable photographed by Peter Stackpole at Santa Anita, 1945.

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Prada folding frames.

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Houndstooth and gun club. An ascot and mixed checks = this guy is fucking loaded.